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Haruaki Yachi

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C³ Character Outline
Kana Name 夜知 春亮
Rōmanji Name Yachi Haruaki
Gender Male
Seiyu Yūki Kaji
Novel Debut Volume 1; Chapter 1
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1

Haruaki Yachi is a human who doesn't have a weapon of his own unless Konoha transforms into a sword. His father sends him cursed objects, known as Waas because he has a special ability that allows him to rid Waas' of their curses. He attends school with Konoha and Fear. He is also the only male character in the series.


When Konoha transforms into a sword he is able to use the ablility 'Killing Counter". An ability which focuses on the oponent's weapon's weak points and destroys their weapon.


Sometimes a pervert

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